Travelling exhibitions / Rejsende udstillinger

Since 2012, Lisbet Lark has had 3 international  travelling exhibitions . 2 is still in progress.

"L´Archeologia e il Vesuvio"

Travelling Museum exhibition for old ancient history miniature illustrators, illustrating the eruption of vulcano Vesuvio in 79 before birth of Christ.

Name of artwork: "Panico Pompeii1" (2015).

Artist: Lisbet Lark.

Media: Crayons and ink on watercoloor (Illustration Line 4)

List of exhibition places:

  1. Oct 10th- Oct 31st  2015:   Museo Pallazio di Fusco Pompeii, Italy.
  2. Dec19th- 2015 – March 30th 2016.   Real Polverificio Borbonico, Via Pasquale Vitiello 106, Scafati, Italy.


"Beginning-Goodbye-End-beginning" travelling exhibition in Germany 2013-2015.

    For artist, who are inspired by personal crisis and are able to express themselves within the above mentioned themes.

Artwork: "Abamdoned" by Lisbet Lark. Black ink on White cardboard. Meassure 14,5 cm x 21 cm.

1. udstilling: / 1st exhibition : Haus der Diakonischen Bildung,Stuttgart.  April  2nd. - May 12th. 2013. 

2. udstilling / 2nd exhibition:  Kloster Lorch, City: Lorch,  May 24th- July 8th 2013. 3.udstilling / 3rd exhibition: Senioren zentrum Bad Waldsee,  Bad Waldsee. July 18th- August  30th 2013.

4.udstilling / 4th exhibition:  Gustav-Werner-Stift, Friedrichshafen,  oct 17th 2013- Marsch 31th 2014).

5.udstilling / 5th exhibition: Diakonisches Institut für Soziale Berufe. Fortbildung. Stuttgart,  Maj- Juli 2014. 

6.udstilling: / 6th exhibition: Phönix,  Haus Silberdistel, Alten- u. Pflegeheim GmbH, Sipplingen, J uly- September 2014.

7.udstilling / 7th. exhibition: Seniorenzentrum Weststadt, Ravensburg, N ov 2014 - Jan 2015.

8.udstilling: / 8th exhibition: Vesperkirche Ravensburg. Jan- Feb 2015.

9.udstilling: / 9th exhibition: Diakonisches Institut für Sociale Berufe, Dornstadt (bei Ulm), Bodelschwinghweg. Exhibition period: ?

10.udstilling: / 10. exhibition: Königin-Paulinen-Stift,  Friedrichshafen, Friedrichstrasse 25.  Exhibition period: ?

11.udstilling: /11.exhibition: Diakonisches Institut für Soziale Berufe,- Fortbildung-, Stuttgart, sattlerstrasse 13. Exhibition period:


"SILVER" travelling paper art exh from Australia - USA 2011-2012

Name of artwork: "Peace and Harmony" by Lisbet lark

Media: Woven Heart Art , 4 pieces of woven paer/ 4 coloured with different front and reverse design. Reverse shown with a mirror.

Several venues in Australien and atTasmania, among other Places::
Sted:          East Gippsland Art Gallery, West Gallery,
                  2 Nicholson Street Bairnsdale Victoria 3875 

Period:    27.juli - 28. august 2012.
Artwork description: Woven Heart Art "Peae and Harmony" has gt The dove of pease on the front and a ying-yang symbol on the reverse of artwork.

After several exhibitions all over Austarlia, the exhibion flew to USA:

Morgan Paper Conservatory,
1754 E. 47th street, Cleveland,
OH 44103, USA.
Period: Oktober -November 2012.

In 2014 The Woven Heart Art Museum in DK opened with this very unique art media invention of Lisbet Lark:


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