14-16.maj 2016: Galleri Octopus Art "Fra Abstrakt til Konkret."

"Brillecykel" 15 cm x 15 cm (2010) by Lisbet Lærke. (Abstract) and " Self-confidence2" (2016) (12, 3 x 12, 3 cm) (5x5 inches) Miniature artwork by Lisbet Lark, created by use of magnifying glasses.

Exhibition finished.

Galleri Octopus Art åbner i Tisvildeleje 2016, d. 14.- 16. maj 2016.

Place / sted: Kulturhulen, Hovedgaden 58C, Tisvildeleje.

The annual Whitsuntide Gallery Octopus Art exhibition in Tisvildeleje, DK, where everything on this web-site, created by Danish multi-faceted artist Lisbet Lark / Lisbet Lærke, which is not either in private collections, museum collections, put up for international juries, being exhibited elsewhere on museums, travelling exhibitions or other galleries during the exhibition period, is for sale.

Opening hours / Åbningstider

At exhibition in Tisvildeleje: 2PM-5Pm all 3 days. Outside the opening hours, the gallery is physically closed in Tisvildeleje, where the online sale is open:

Online sale through this page´s Contact Page / E-mail / FB-site: "Art By Lisbet Lark / Lisbet Lærke." FB-profiles: "Lisbet Lark" for art interested persons, who don´t understand her native language, Danish: All 3 days from 11AM to 1PM and from 7 PM to 10PM  (Danish time). Paypal -payment possible in US-dollar, DKK, GBP and EURO.

Before exhition beautiful new artworks appear in the netgallery.

Serious art buyers and art collectors who wants to se the exhibition alone without other visitors present outside the opening hours will have to arrange a visit previously via contact page.  


Åbent på udstillingen i Tisvildeleje: kl.14-17 alle 3 dage. Udenfor disse perioder i Pinsen er den fysiske adgang til udstillingsstedet lukket, til gengæld er online-salget åbent:

Online- kunstsalg gennem denne hjemmesides Kontaktside /via E-mail / FB-siden "Art By Lisbet Lark/ Lisbet Lærke, samt Lisbet Lærke´s danske FB-profil, "Lisbet Lærke": Alle 3 dage fra kl 11-13 og fra kl 19-22. 

Seriøse kunstkøbere og - samlere, der ønsker at besøge Galleri Octopus Art uden andre tilstedeværende og udenfor almindelig åbningstid bedes træffe en aftale i god tid først via denne sides kontaktside. 

Exhibition at Museo D´Arte E Scienza.(Leonardo da Vinci), Milano, Italy.

Artist: Lisbet Lark.  Artwork: Optically Illusion: " Casa Utopica1" (100% self-created motiv, like the rest of her artistcally universe on this web-site): Frederiksberg, Denmark. Media: Digital painting / Photo Artwork. Exhibition period: May 4rd- May 18th 2016. Exhibition Type: Selected international artists. Exhibition Name: "Art- and Science Award 2016".

Exhibition Place: Museo D´Arte E Scienza, Bonacossa Palace, Via Quintino Sella, 4, 20121 Milano, Italy

Link to exhibition: http://museoartescienza.com/eventi-in-corso/

Artbook publication "Current Masters, Vol2" USA.

Included, selected artist: Lisbet Lark. Juried artbook publication by World Wide Art, USA. Status on artbook publication: In Production.

Included selected artworks:

1 Woven Heart Art: "Elvis Prestley Portrait", paper art, (2010). (Julehjertekunst). 4 Abstract paintings: "Frihedssymboler2", "Seniorgraviditet", "Støvle og Slange", "Tulipanvennerne", All in mixed media, created in  (2009) and signed: Lisbet Lærke, Hjørring.

All these selected artworks are from Lisbet Lark´s early production as an artist, when she and her family were moved by The Danish Government to  Northern Jutland, Hjørring, Denmark. She created them all inside and outside her very small "Gallery Octopus Art", which lived in a small pavillon 6 1/2 squaremetres at P. Nørkjærs Plads no 20 in Hjørring. It is no longer possible to meet Lisbet Lark at the very beautiful P. Nørkjærs Place. In 2012 she moved back with her family and atelieres to Northern Sealand area (Tisvildeleje), where she started sending in her artworks for international juries.

Exhibition The Goriska Museum at Kromberk Castle, Slovenia.

Artist: Lisbet Lark        Miniature artworks: 3 pcs, Recycling At Town  Specialists 1, 2 and 3.      Place of Origin: Copenhagen, DK. Media: Illustration line 2, Abandoned Line, black ink on blue cardboard. Theme of exhibition "Garbage handling in Europe." Exhibition period: Exhibion Start: April 28th 2016, (no end date yet). Artwork are in permanent collection of the museum. Please, watch all 3 artworks under menu item "Illustration Line 2" under menu item "Art Gallery."

Travelling Museum Exhibtion "L´Archeologia e il Vesuvio" , Italy

Artwork: Miniature artwork "Panico Pompei1", Crayons and ink on watercoloor (Illustration Line 4)

Artist: Lisbet Lark.

List of exhibition places:

  1. Oct 10th- Oct 31st  2015:   Museo Pallazio di Fusco Pompeii, Italy.
  2. Dec19th- 2015 – May 30th 2016.   Real Polverificio Borbonico - Centro per le Arti e la Cultura Via Pasquale Vitiello 106, Scafati, Italy. 
  3. ? ...

Exhibition The Woven Heart Art Museum. Julehjertemuseet, Oct 15th- Dec. 18th 2016. www.julehjertemuseet.dk

Woven Heart Art "Sommerfuglen" ( the Butterfly), 6 pcs paper mini woven Heart art by Lisbet Lark, (2015), exhibitted in the back of a 100 years old "Lady" chair. Furniture crafts, retoration and showcase rebuilding: Lisbet Lark.

•Exhibition: "H. C. Andersen passion 2." Place /sted: Woven Heart Art Museum, DK (Julehjertemuseet) Kunstner /Artist: Lisbet Lærke /  Lisbet Lark.Medium: Julehjertekunst / Woven Heart Art. (unique paper art invention by Lisbet Lark. Åbningstider: /Open hours:


Juried exhibition: "Un Seul Grain de Riz", Paris, Dec 19th 2015- Jan 9th 2016

"Lotus Genie" miniature artwork by Lisbet Lark

Exhibition finished / udstillingen er slut. 

Artist: Lisbet Lark, DK

  • Artworks: "Lotus Genie" and "Eternal Life." Media: Crayons and ink on paper. Miniature artwork. French paper size F1. 15cm x 22cm. First specimens of artworks in Lisbet Lark´s  "Orientally colored illustration line". (Illustration Line 3). Miniature artworks created by use of magnifying glass. Please, watch the selected artworks here: http://www.gallerioctopusart.dk/37312915 Place of Origin: Olbia, Sardinia, Italy. Artworks are started during museum exhibition trip to Olbia, Sardinia in June 2015.
  • Exhibition Place: Gallerie Metaoïa, 56 Rue Quincampoix- 75004, Paris, France. 

Other museum exhibitions in 2015:

  • Museo Archeologico di Olbia, sardinia, Italy. June 2015.

    ◦Artist: Lisbet Lark, DK.
    Media: Ink on Paper. (Ancient history Black illustration Line)
    Please, hit the underlined headline in order to watch and read more about the 2 artworks from exhibition.

  • Tampa Museum of Art, Florida, USA, Oct 2015

    •Artist: Lisbet Lark
    •Media: 2 Miniature artworks, Crayons and ink on cardboard /(Close-up colored illustration line).
    •Exhibition period: Oct 2015.
    Please hit the underlined in order to read more about the artworks.

London Art Biennale 2015. Jan 20.- 25th 2015 In Chelsea Old Town hall, London

Juried exhibition finished.

Artist: Lisbet Lark

  • Artwork 1) "Nude in the 21st Century1" (2014)  Media: Acryllic on canvas.
  • Meassure:45cm  x 55 cm incl. antique frame. (LL´s very first trial of painting a naked person).


  • Artwork 2) "Sherlock Holmes Portrait,"(2010), Media; Woven Heart Art (Julehjerte kunst) (6 woven paper strips). Meassure: 11cm x 11,5cm.  Showcase: Antique English Chelsea gun- showcase restored by hand by Lisbet Lark herself. Artwork and showcase belongs to the Woven Heart Art Museum, Julehjertemuseet:   


2 international juried exhibitions in 2013:

-Sofia Paper Art Biennale 2013, "Nordic Paper Art exhibition", Bulgaria. May 2013.

-"The Art and Soul of Paper" in Norwich, GB. March - April 2013

Both exhibitions are finished.

  • Artist: Lisbet Lark, DK.
  • Artwork:  "Magic Carpet",
  • Media: 1D/2D/3D Japanese WASHI paper Installation.
  • Meassure: H: 214 cm x W: 90c,x D21cm. 

The London Art Biennale 2013, Chelsea Old Town hall, London:

Exhibition Finished.

  • Artist: Lisbet Lark (her very 1st juried exhibition at all)
  • Artworks: "Optically Illusion1, Jean" and "Optically illusion2, Ana"
  • Media: Acryllic on canvas. ("Half-aside" - paintings)
  • Meassure: 40 cm x 50 cm.
  • Venue: Chelsea Old town Hall, London.
  • Exhibition Period: Jan 2013.


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