Artbook publication "Current Masters, Vol2" USA.

Selected artist: Lisbet Lark, Tisvildeleje, Denmark. Portraited in juried artbook from publication house: World Wide Art, USA, dued to her artistically development from abstract to naturalistic. (Cover artwork is not hers). Link to online artbook webshop at publishing house:

3 early abstract paintings included in the artbook publication.

3 naturalistic Illustrations.

2017: Galleri Octopus Art udstilling: "Med Lup og Blyant."Tidspunkt? Sted?

Galleri Octopus Art exhibition: "With magnifying glass and pencil."

Miniature artworks by Lisbet Lark.  Outside the online-gallery open hours, it is possible to order al available art from this website or an art catalouqe via this web-site "contakt"-site.

Whooops: This exhibition might be moved in time and space this year, so whatch out!

Exhibition The Woven Heart Art Museum. Julehjertemuseet, Oct 29th- Dec. 18th 2016.

Exhibition is finished.

Kunstner /Artist: Lisbet Lærke /  Lisbet Lark.

Art Media: Julehjertekunst / Woven Heart Art. Media: Unique paper art invention by Lisbet Lark. Also her furniture craft will be on show.  

Åbningstider: /Open hours:

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English languaged culture guide review of the exhibition:

Museum exhibitions in 2015-2016:

  • Museo D´Arte E Scienza. Milano, Italy.

    Artist: Lisbet Lark. Artwork: Optically Illusion: " Casa Utopica1," 30cm x 40cm. Place of origin: Frederiksberg, Denmark. Media: Digital painting / Photo Artwork. Exhibition period: May 4rd- May 18th 2016. Exhibition Type: Selected international artists. Exhibition Name: "Art- and Science Award 2016".

    Exhibition Place: Museo D´Arte E Scienza, Bonacossa Palace, Milano, Italy.
    Lisbet Lark got "The Art and Science Award Milano, 2016."

  • The Goriska Museum at Kromberk Castle, Slovenia

    Artist: Lisbet Lark Miniature artworks: 3 pcs, Recycling At Town Specialists 1, 2 and 3. Place of Origin: Copenhagen, DK. Media: Illustration line 2, Abandoned Line, black ink on blue cardboard. Theme of exhibition "Garbage handling in Europe." Exhibition period: April 28th - Sept 5th 2016. Artworks are in permanent collection of the museum.
    Dued to illness May 12th 2016, Lisbet Lark in abcentia received a 1st price award for her artistically development from abstract to naturalistic.

  • Art museum Kunsthal Charlottenborg (Palace), Copenhagen

    Artist: Lisbet Lark.
    Artwork: "Saved1"
    Theme: Skirmish artwork. 12, 5 cm x 29,5 cm

    Exhibition period: Oct 14th- Jan 15th 2016.

  • Museo Archeologico di Olbia, sardinia, Italy. June 2015.

    ◦Artist: Lisbet Lark, DK.
    Media: Ink on Paper. (Ancient history Black illustration Line)
    Please, hit the underlined headline in order to watch and read more about the 2 artworks from exhibition.

  • Tampa Museum of Art, Florida, USA, Oct 2015

    •Artist: Lisbet Lark
    •Media: 2 Miniature artworks, Crayons and ink on cardboard /(Close-up colored illustration line).
    •Exhibition period: Oct 2015.
    Please hit the underlined in order to read more about the artworks.

  • Travelling Museum Exhibtion "L´Archeologia e il Vesuvio" , Italy

    Artwork: Miniature artwork "Panico Pompei1", Crayons and ink on watercoloor (Old ancient historu illustration).
    Artist: Lisbet Lark.
    Exhibition places:
    1.Oct 2015: Museo Pallazio di Fusco Pompeii, Italy.
    2.Dec 2015 – May 2016. Real Polverificio Borbonico - Centro per le Arti e la Cultura Via Pasquale Vitiello 106, Scafati, Italy.

Juried exhibition: "Un Seul Grain de Riz", Paris, Dec 19th 2015- Jan 9th 2016

"Lotus Genie" miniature artwork by Lisbet Lark

Exhibition finished / udstillingen er slut. 

Artist: Lisbet Lark, DK

  • Artworks: "Lotus Genie" and "Eternal Life." Media: Crayons and ink on paper. Miniature artwork. French paper size F1. 15cm x 22cm. First specimens of artworks in Lisbet Lark´s  "Orientally colored illustration line". (Illustration Line 3). Miniature artworks created by use of magnifying glass. Please, watch the selected artworks here: Place of Origin: Olbia, Sardinia, Italy. Artworks are started during museum exhibition trip to Olbia, Sardinia in June 2015.
  • Exhibition Place: Gallerie Metaoïa, 56 Rue Quincampoix- 75004, Paris, France. 

London Art Biennale 2015. Jan 20.- 25th 2015 In Chelsea Old Town hall, London

Juried exhibition finished.

Artist: Lisbet Lark

  • Artwork 1) "Nude in the 21st Century1" (2014)  Media: Acryllic on canvas.
  • Meassure:45cm  x 55 cm incl. antique frame. (LL´s very first trial of painting a naked person).


  • Artwork 2) "Sherlock Holmes Portrait,"(2010), Media; Woven Heart Art (Julehjerte kunst) (6 woven paper strips). Meassure: 11cm x 11,5cm.  Showcase: Antique English Chelsea gun- showcase restored by hand by Lisbet Lark herself. Artwork and showcase belongs to the Woven Heart Art Museum, Julehjertemuseet:

2 international juried exhibitions in 2013:

-Sofia Paper Art Biennale 2013, "Nordic Paper Art exhibition", Bulgaria. May 2013.

-"The Art and Soul of Paper" in Norwich, GB. March - April 2013

Both exhibitions are finished.

  • Artist: Lisbet Lark, DK.
  • Artwork:  "Magic Carpet",
  • Media: 1D/2D/3D Japanese WASHI paper Installation.
  • Meassure: H: 214 cm x W: 90c,x D21cm. 

The London Art Biennale 2013, Chelsea Old Town hall, London:

Exhibition Finished.

  • Artist: Lisbet Lark (her very 1st juried exhibition at all)
  • Artworks: "Optically Illusion1, Jean" and "Optically illusion2, Ana"
  • Media: Acryllic on canvas. ("Half-aside" - paintings)
  • Meassure: 40 cm x 50 cm.
  • Venue: Chelsea Old town Hall, London.
  • Exhibition Period: Jan 2013.


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