Old Ancient History Lines

 In year 2015 Lisbet Lark as an earlier abstract painter and drawer has presented 6 new naturalistic illustration lines.

2 of them you´ll find examples on this page.

"Old Ancient History Black Line"


"Old Ancient history Coloured Line"

You´ll find for further description and the histories of those 2 illustration lines under menu item "Art Gallery"

In June 2015 Lisbet Lark  was a selected artist a an exhibition at Museo Acheologico di Olbia, Sardinia, Italy  with her very first drawings of a naturalistic horse in her new "Old Ancient History Black illustration Line." 2 artworks very on that museum exhibition: "Etruscan Chariot" and " Battle Scene", both reconstruction of what happened in the city 600 years before birth of Christ 

In Olbia she developed her new "Old ancient History coloured illustration Line," and Draw the sketch for her very 1st specimen of this drawing line, a miniature artwork, called "Panico Pompei1", which was at The museum of Pallazio di Fusco in the old ancient city of Pompeji in October 2015. After exhibition artwork is in the collection of The City of Pompeji, and now it is on travelling exhibition " Archeologico e il Vesuvio" in Italy.

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