About me / Om mig.

Rev 8. feb 2016:

I was born in 1965 at Frederiksberg, Copenhagen, and grew up in a quite ordinary Family. First we lived in Herlev , then in Utterslev in Copenhagen and without any artistically background at all. It was a home without a piano, and sitting and reading a boook, was not a norm either, unless  you should do your homework. On the other hand I loved to write myself...... We got our biggest culturally input, when we went to the Theater, and we did that very often in my chilhood, often 2-3 times a month. Both in The Royal Theatre and to various  revues.

My dad was born and grew up at the island of Funen, where all of his family lives and my mom is born and raised in Herlev at Copenhagen. Anyway, as far as our historically eyes reaches back, my family has had attachment to the Northern Jutland, because my great-grand dad ( my grandma´s dad) is born and raised at Dorf Mill in Hjallerup Northern Jutland. My stock goes back to the 1800 Century, where my great grand dad lived at the mill farm, when the windmill was built.
Another great grand dad was a politician and a member of Landstinget in the Government of Stauning.

I myself lived in the Copenhagen area until 2006 where my family was relocated to Hjørring in Northern jutland in relation to the politically defending agreement for  2005-2009, Because my husband had a civil job in the millitary.  
In period 1993-1998 I was studying at the school for occupational therapy in Copenhagen, where I had to stop because of ilness, (reumatism), which among other thing lead me to a oveweight at 80 lbs. I lost them Again without help from anybody else but my sweet husband, Bent, in the period April 2055- Jan 2007. Not in order to become a chick or famous, but in order to regain a good Health and improve my quality of life.

So I´m very interested in keeping my weight, healthy food and exercising. I´ve alot of interests, a.o.t The climate challenge, Simple Livng, which I´ve always been living myself, the life without the great luxury.  

After being the only creating artist in Gallery Octopus Art 6 Square metre locality at P. Nørkjærs Plads 20 in Hjørring since 2009, I moved back to Zealand  in order to get my youngest daugther treated in Copenhagen in May 2012. Since then I´ve been working with paper art, art, music orders, design, been in a theatre show, in several short films,  short features, and TV-productions as a scriptwriter, story teller, statist, actress and participated in several juried exhibitions, biennales, tarvelling exhibitions and museum exhibitions. In 2012 as a 47 years old I debuted, where I where photographed to a piece of Photo art, whoch were selected for "Portrait Now! 2013"
During summer 2012, I started sending my artwork in for juries
, starting with my paper artworks. In 2013 I debuted as an abstract painter at The London Art Biennale 2013, which were my very first juried exhibition as a painter / drawer, and things went very quick

Since September 2015 based on my 4 published short stories on  www.lisbetlark.dk in 2012 and the Box-blog on this web-site I have been hired for and working as a freelance author at a compagny in Germany, using my international artist name and brand, LisbetLark and SEO for writing articles about Danish, English, European and American tourist destinations within historically, culturally, architectural, geographically, biologically, artistically and musically themes. According to my German contract I am not allowed to increase traffic on my articles via by linking from my own surfaces on the internet including this web-site, therefore, name on publishing house and link to my articles won´t be published on this site.   

Under the menu item  "Artist CV" fyou´ll find my united artist CV in a more detailed CV :

      I´m a memeber of the following organisations within art, musik and writing:

- KODA  


- NCB    


- Den Danske National Bibiliografi. (Som novelleforfatter)

- International Association of Paper Makers and Paper Artists, IAPMA (under navnet Lisbet Lark, som international papirkunstner).

- Danish artist group "Kulturhulen."

- German artist group "Spaltenstein Project."

- German artist Group "Kunstrefugium." 

Lisbet Lærke.