Change of museum name.

The Woven Heart Art Museum has changed its Danish name and brand

"Julehjertemuseet" to " Woven Heart Art Museum" .

Also the webside www.julehjertemuseet.dk has changed name to




Since 2011 my own personal paper art medium has been more and more recognized outside Denmark as "Woven Heart Art."

Therefore, it is on time that this unique art media of mine gets its own exhibition place in its home country, some people think, so we are still working on it.

Not ready to show yet, but the private collection from my advanced woven paper artworks will be located in the beautiful city of Nykøbing Falster once, when the world wide pandemy is over and we have finished restoring the building which will be housing it.


Best regards 


Woven Heart Artist  ( among other things) 

Lisbet Lark