"Waiting-for-a-shipper"- work

11 months ago my husband and I bought an
old house worthy of preservation in the
lovely Guldborgsund area on the island of Falster.

Now, we are again locked up here because
of the situation where Covid19 is spread
in 2nd round.

We therefore have to get everything delivered from materials
to daily needs which means a stream of shippers coming and going. Which means that one of us has to wait for those
deliveries for several hours a week as we don't have a frontyard or
a garage for deliveries.

The first times I sat staring out the window watching
the street going on "off" and feeling that I was waisting
my time when the shippers said that they would deliver
between 7 AM and 5 PM.

10 hours several times a week doing nothing!
I didn' t have time for that so my eyes cought some
details in the destroyed ceiling.
I could spend my waiting time for shippers restoring
the dammaged ceiling in our reception!

First, I renovated the entire perforated ceiling and
rosette to the level "smooth" and painted it white. Here
most modern people would have stopped, but sometimes
my creativity and crafts only starts where others give up or do not bother or cannot finish the artistic work
That's why it's me who owns this "mini-castle."

The 104-year-old ceiling rose is moulded and visible from
outside from the kingsvillage environment and there were from
start some hot wishes from the authorities:
" Please, make it shine again!
Pleeeeaase, restore it and give it a new live with new hand
sculptured stucco angels!"

The rosette could not be taken down without being destroyed.
There were remnants of 8 small oval stucco where small
pieces of arms, legs and heads protruded. At one point
someone has gone crazy with a crowbar on the original
angel stucco in the rosette and destroyed them!

I am glad I am a miniaturist, After a couple of months I have finished creating the 8
very small stucco angel sceneries in this rosette (photo)
but I will NEVER do it again no matter how much other
people ask me, not even if I got payed for it.

For a long time now I have had pains in my right underarm,
shoulder and neck from working with my arm over my head.
These pains have to go away before I continue with the rest
of the wanted and planned plafond painting.

Meanwhile, I have given myself another "waiting-for-a-shipper"-

Polishing and restoring a 110 years old matching chandellier
for this room.

Dark times are over all of us.
We need to give ourselves some more light!

Lisbet Lark.