... You never know when your ticket is out....

No one knows the day before the sun has set. 

This morning we read the news here in this house
and appreciated how good we are after all.
Enjoying that 11 months ago we made a choice to
give ourselves some good time together while we
are both still healthy enough to do it.

Dued to my husbands increasing stress symptomes then
we sold everything in Copenhagen and moved to a place
where it is possible, even though we have to
struggle with a bit of everything regarding our
104-years-old house worthy of preservation, which we
bought and took over in November 2019. We have lived
in it ever since while we are renovating it.

Not always
fun to live in the middle of one's own workshops, but
my husband has retired during the pandemic, we are OK
and thrive on the freedom to do it at our own pace. We
have renovation workshops in all our rooms. We are working
on nos. 11 and 12 out of a total of 36
windows in the building that either needed renovation or
replacement when we moved in.

As a head of renovations, you always have to be a little
ahead of schedule with the planning, because it takes time
to obtain the original old building materials and renovate
them before you can use them and at least as long when
you have to manufacture new building elements yourself
in patinated and authentic style.
So that's what I use my drawing time on right now. New
drawings for an old house worthy of preservation.

Not the worst way to be occupied when you"re in a
risk group and staying at home.
Creating something nice , encouraging and inspirering for
ourselves and our surroundings for the time after the pandemy.

You are welcome to follow my creation from furniture craft on
my instagram profile


Best regards
Lisbet Lark.