My 10 years anniversary.

 1st 2019 I had 10 years anniversary as a 
professional taxable artist, SEO-writer,
furniture craftsman, woven heart artist,
designer, graphic designer, Christmas designer,
decorator, poet, miniaturist, illustrator, model,
characterist, etc.

10 years ago, I started as an undervalued multi-faceted artist in a 6m2 small cold plastic pavilion
without heat, insulation and without access to a toilet at P. Nørkjærs Plads in North Jutland,
where my husband was stationed in his job. I got my gallery Octopus Art from him as a copper
wedding gift. It was so small because there were no others who believed in me and my
concept, so I was not allowed to rent larger business rooms.

Since then, our trip back to Copenhagen due to our sick child went via our holliday apartment in Tisvildeleje,
which we had for 5 years.
It got the name "Kulturhulen," for the last 3 years, and it was most recently my permanent
exhibit place here in Denmark for my Gallery Octopus Art and for The Woven Heart Art Museum.
The place was not at all suitable for it, too small, was on an owner association foundation and
way too far away from the specialist medical and hospital help I needed, since we sold the place
in 2017. Of course, it would have been great if I on a day like today had been able to present a
photo of a large "castle" with a text that we had now found a new, larger and more suitable place
for my artistic activities, 6 workshops , and so on. But it is understandable to everybody, I think,
that my savings for a new place goes slowly, when I do not have my full working ability nor get
any public financially art support. So it must take the time it takes. But not a day is passing without
both of us, my husband and I, purposefully are working to raise the funds and create the right
circumstances to realize our dream.

I couldn't find a photo of my former little pavilion in North Jutland.

Instead, you get a photo of the walls my husband has made out of some of my art prizes,
biennial documents, documentation of art in permanent museum collections and artworks,
etc., which I would otherwise have thrown into boxes at the bottom of a large desk drawer.
My works of art are very diverse, because during these 10 years I have developed from being
an abstract painter and to being a naturalistic painter and painter with 11 different
illustration lines.

Lisbet Lark.