Happy Summer in Copenhagen!

This year I have forced myself to prioriate in order to get some more relax,- sparetime and days off, too. I have prioriated that this year my own personal needs come first. After spending 2 years with a surgery for a 10-20 years long slowly growing hormone illness, an accident and getting an eating disability / walking disability I need some more time for my self thinking over my life and what to do with it. 


This spring I felt drained for energy and inspiration and I wanted to try something new. I had no inspiration for new art, actually each time I created a big exhibition here in DK, I had a period after that, where I didn´t feel inspired for creating new art at all. So this year I wanted to try something new in order to try to live with my new life cionditions and to get inspirered for creating new art. 

I work on my own projects and settle more and more in Copenhagen. Among other things I have created this window in Copenhagen, as a new piece of permanent furniture craft in a private apartment, which I have been working on for 1/2 year now. I haven´t finished it yet, I am still renovating the last fluted copper plates for the radiator hider. I also have designed the new 4 cm thick oak window frame for including my metal radiator hider. It was very heavy and demanded a strong mand to place the new frame in the window hole, when we built it in 4 weeks ago.

...Because I deserve it...


But I think it is an acceptable alternative for the old one, which were damaged by the rain water coming from a forgotten open window. Someone I know recently said: "Wow! This apartment is developing from an old crock to a castle. Even the view is stunning!"


 "Its called position, " I answered, "Its called position. The rest is creativity, aesthetically sence, patience and hard work....... - and maybe a little bit of inborn multi-faceted atistically skills, too...... Maybe.... "


Also the walls and the ceilings in this room have been broken down and built up again.There is a beatiful view, and the till now 2 months long Summer heat in Copenhagen is healing for me. I love it!


I love making places more beautiful ,- and Copenhagen is full of apartments, which need an artistically lift like this!


Gardening and creating plants and flowers is another healing activity for me, so even the big orchid in this window is grown by me in the orange water pearls in an old tulip bowl from Holmegaard.


I have my hand and mind full elsewhere, therefore, I have right now no art entries in for national or international juries.


I am busy lingering at this view and I work and relax as much as possible outdoor in the shadows. Sometimes a little wind passes and maybe a small cloud on the blue, blue sky. With a temperature 25 - 30 degrees celcious, maybe one should consider starting growing some palms?


 😀 Lisbet Lark 😀