New Year resolution completed!



"In good times we live

In bad times we learn."



Lisbet Lark, this morning, April 13th 2018.




"Boy at The Balloons" ( 2016).


But .... what if your fate hits you over and over again without stopping for a long time? Like a Sisyfos, and the only difference between you and him is that your body which is expected to push up the stone and claimb the mountain again and again  is being more and more damaged by the fate stone that hits you over and over and over?

Is this sentence of mine waterproof?


 For me it is, but not without fights, sacrifices  and certain depriviations.


In the summer 2016 I was VERY ill from what showed up to be a hormone suffering which  was spoiling my body bit by bit. I was unable to work or take care of my own gallery, hour long kidney stone attacks tortured me several times each week and I had to go through lots of hospital examinations. During one of them I had an allergic reaction, too, giving me the experience of a burning body, unconsciousness, astma attacks and itching exzema for weeks. That summer an accident happened to me at home, too, caused by somebody  I love with all my heart.

 Worse than worst case scenaria came true...


That damned nightmare summer I learned how important it is to have  an illness break in an environment which I found inspirering, funny and with lots of happy people. To be able to move my thoughts away from anything that hurts. I spent all my "hospital off- time" at benches in TIVOLI in Copenhagen even wearing inside measuring instruments on. One of my favourite activities: Watching other people and their behaviour.


Among all the exited and screeming kids in all the amusements in the old beautiful garden, I spotted  little quiet wheelchaired boy at the balloons. All of his inner universe and adventure possibilities were in those balloons. No wonder it took him at least 20 minutes to make a choice among the helium wonders. Just enough time for me to find my sketch book and draw this situation in a few lines for the artwork I have later named "Boy at the Baloons" , which  were the start of creating my miniature art exhibition "Med lup og blyant." (With magnifying glass and pencil) which I had in TIVOLI, Copenhagen in autumn 2017.


That day this happy little hero missing one foot gave my own life a new perspective. You can always find somebody who are more disabled than yourself no matter if you have a "male flu" or if your body is being spoiled by a illness over 20 years without your knowing before it is almost too late.


No self-pity after watching him. In a split second I learned not to let my victim- and patient roles take over my life or be the meaning of my life. I learned NEWER to let my illnesses and handicaps be my identity, but "just" my new life conditions. "Just" because that is much easier said than done and I have been working on that ever since that day. Thank you my little hero and thanks for visiting me last autumn in my miniature gallery in TIVOLI, Copenhagen.


Miniature artwork "Boy at the Balloons" is my 3rd " left over " artwork from my exhibition in TIVOLI last autumn which has been selected for a juried exhibition in USA, this time completing my New Years resolution sounding: 


 " In 2018 I will learn how to use my disabilities to get ahead." 


For this juried exhibition, "Art of Possibilities" at  Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute in Minneapolis, Minnesota, taking place from April 27th to May 18th 2018 only artists with illnesses and disabilities at the time of artwork creation were eligible. Artwork will also be included in an online exhibition. It will be for sale overthere. A s I myself dued to my health trouble with my accident hit paralyzed gullet and stomach mouth cannot be present and sell this artwork, please, just ask for Laura overthere and she will take care  of everything if you want this artwork.

Thank you for selection. Thanks for the funds and all the huge work done by volunteers making this exhibition possible.


That is all life is about, isn´t it: 


Best wishes

 Lisbet Lark

 multi-faceted Danish artist.... - and spare time life philosopher.

 INSTAGRAM: @larklisbet




The other day somebody said to me: 

"Lisbet, I have become Box- blog addicted. "


My answer: 

" Ha, ha, ha, welcome in the club! Over 244.000 people can´t be wrong! 

Isn´t it better reading a blog than being medicine- addicted? "


Incredible,  that so many people finds my double life in this blog interesting: The life of a Mrs Nobody poorly anonumeously patient in Denmark combined with my successfull life as an international artist outside Denmark which I cannot take part in myself. My artworks are doing the job for me.

Thank you all for following me!