Take the chances you get!

Sometimes you need to take a chance and invest all your time and resources on a project or an idea you are entusiastic about without knowing if you will succeed in fullfilling it. Every now and then it is the terms of professional creative work when you are self-employed.

Naturally, it is a financially risk, but I need to start creating my next exhibition now if I want to have some time for myself enjoying the summer, create my new art and designs without stressing and have some time for other VERY important things in my life during this summer. 

I still don´t have a contract on my next exhibition "Med Blyant og Lup", (With Pencil and Magnifying Glasses) a miniature decoration-, miniature art - and miniature design exhibition, which I plan to take place in Copenhagen autumn 2017. A lot of personal and artistically development and practically month long personal clearing is needed and going on.


Except for this artistically and personal development, a contract with this beautiful place also depends very much on my will and ability to change my points and fit into the surroundings and theme of  the place.


It is an inspiring supporting environment, where a big hard puzzle is going on right now in order to decide whether I can be offered some space or not. They have to create space for me, before I can work there, and if I get it, I need 1-2 months concept coorperation with them about my fitting in. My artworks do. My designs do. My international recognition does. I as a person do. But I myself think that I need to walk some new ways, work on a new angle on my creative life in order to fit 100% into the theme of this particular place. Nothing is accidental creating an experience and event, everything has to be perfectly harmonized, and I love that very professional point of view. It is an old dream of mine to get the opportunity to work there even for 3 weeks together with a lot of great creative people in an inspiring enviroment.


When I say "work" I mean it literally. Because my (and their) plan is that I move out and include my private miniature workshop, "Miniatureværkstedet," into this exhibition, which includes my entire miniature universe.


But it takes time to get all the good ideas and create a quality event and experience with your own hands. Therefore, I have started creating my miniature art exhibition. You have to try something new sometimes. So as something VERY new you can follow my "journey" my artistically work with this decoration-, art - and design exhibition and my development on the FACEBOOK- page, "Miniatureværkstedet, miniatures by Lark":



Dued to lack of space for photoes on gallerioctopusart.dk and designbylisbetlark.dk and the fact that I think my miniatures  needs a separate corner of their own, I have started creating a new website for this miniature exhibition and my miniature workshop, "Miniatureværkstedet." Therefore, all my miniature artworks will be moved from gallerioctopusart.dk to this new workshop / exhibition web-site of mine, where also all my new miniature artworks will be posted, gradually, as I create them:



Best regards

Lisbet Lark.