Art - and Design by Lisbet Lark launching in USA.

Right now I am ill, too ill to work, .... - but I have to. I have no other choises.


Time is running, and I walk in and out of hospitals as an out-patient, tests and treatments, though July is almost impossible, because all hospitals and cliniques are hit by summer vacation time.

 This week I have had trouble with one of my kidneys, fighting to get treatment dued to vacation among physicians in DK, so now I am taking penicillin. I need to stay near hospitals and doctors in Copenhagen for eventually acute treatment, and therefore I am pendling between my atelier / business in Tisvildeleje and my micro residency in Copenhagen. In this week with fever and strong pains I have stayed in Copenhagen in order to be close to help, because there are no hospitals or doctors in Tisvildeleje, and therefore, I am not allowed to be and work there alone. Thank God, I have a very nice husband to take care of me.


Therefore I am working on my own projects both in Tisvildeleje and in Copenhagen, within furniture design and building (furniture crafts), at a time where I should be out on international art exhibitions in relation to my inclusion in the brand new artbook publication, "Current Masters, vol 2" published in July from publishing house in USA, WWA , which I, my art and this web-site are included in. Very frustrating situation, but anyway welcome to all new blog readers related to that big artbook  publication. Buying art from this website is easy and possible buy showing up in Gallery Octopus Arts open hours or by mail order through "contact" page.


Some of you (a lot) have asked me for FACEBOOK-friendship in relation to this artbook publication. Please, request on my English speaking profile carrying my international artist name, Lisbet Lark, if you don´t understand, read or write my native language, Danish. It will save you a lot of time google translating my updates on my Danish Lisbet Lærke profile. All my updates on my Danish FACEBOOK profile are in Danish Language.


Also thanks very much for many new attractive exhibition proposals in USA and Europe in relation to artwbook publication, "Current Master vol2", I will look at them when I get more fresh.


One day I must pull myself together and order my own free copy of the artbook, which you can buy here from the publication house website. I am not the publisher. I don´t sell or distribute it myself:




But nothing is so bad that it isn´t good for anything:


A few days before this big American artbook was published, somebody from overthere called me and wanted me as a Simple Life Home Decoration specialist at houzz. com, too, an American design platform where designers, architects and customers can meet and discuss house decoration solutions.


Off course, I didn´t let that possibility pass, and therefore, you will find Design By Lisbet Lark on houzz. com here:




After special designing and building furniture for The Woven heart Hart museum as a volunteer for 5 years each weekend, working on my own micro home, which I got 2 years ago after flood of my big atelier apartment in 2014, I am now a professional expert iwithin Simple Living Home Decoration for small homes. According to "Plan B" I the next 1 1/2 year I will design and build furniture for my micro home, while waiting for medically examinations and treatments. I have not finished home decoration there yet, dued to the fact that I only have 24 hours a day, 2 hands and 1 head to do home decorations, create new art, create new designs, travel out and exhibit, making all the logistic work about international exhibitions, write music/ lyrics, write scrips, and write texts for my nice German editors as an author.


When situation can´t be different about my health time has come to stay in Denmark for a while and finish my own home decoration projects, make home decorations for other people and you are invited to follow my alternative furniture crafts work  and space-saving house decorating on my profile on houzz . com by pushing the "Følg" botton on the profile or give me a notice by using the "Bedøm mig"- botton. I write in English language there, too, if you enter the "Aktivitet" item you will see, that both Danish and English language are accepted on the "Design By Lisbet Lark" profile, and that constructive discussions are already started and in progress.


Thank you for giving me the chance to be one of the first on Danish version of the designer platform houzz.com, which started a few months ago....


-  aaaaaand allow me to compliment you on your timing offering me the possibily to be a designer at houzz. com, it´s no less than perfect!  👍😉


Best regards

 Lisbet Lark.