Vinter Activities

If you can´t work with you hands, you have to do something else.

Since giving an interview a month ago with a big Dansish News Paper and making a small video together with them, my script for it has been on my working table at The Woven Heart Art Museum, www.julehjertemuseet.dk.

These days I still wear reumatism metal skins on both of my hands, and the few days, when I don´t, I help my family. So art production is still temporarily ceased. 

Anyway, it doesn´t change the fact that I´m the designer of this year´s beginner level woven Christmas heart i The Danish Nation wide paper Berlingske which will used for decorating and  published in the Christmas edition of their lifestyle magazine Nov 24th 2015. The video promoting how to make a simple woven heart out of 2 pieces of paper and the article with the Danish interview will also be published on the web-site of Berlingske Medier that day:


The heart I´ve designed and give instruction in creating in this video is off cause far below my artistically level, when it comes to creating woven hearts. But there is a big difference between the old Nordic tradition weaving symetrically equal motives into front and reverse of a paper heart for Christmas in 2 pieces of paper using patterns and  then creating my personal art media Woven Heart Art  created in 4- 9 pieces of paper with different assymetric front and reverse without using patterns, which I´m the only one in the world who masters, because you can´t create pattern for hearts in this level of difficulty with paper pieces which are 1/4  millimeter or less.


But in a world where less and less people are able to make a simple Christmas heart in just 2 pieces of paper succeed, I feel a cultural responsibility to pass on the old nordic crafts and teach the next generations to create a simple woven heart, so they can pass on the cosy and lovely tradition to their children giving this tradition a chance to survive on long term. Therefore, I´ve agreed to make an instruction video, which Berlingske has produced for their web-site, and I hope that it will help people to have more fun at Christmas witout frustrations together around the family table.


Art selection for my inclusion in the American publishing house World Wide Art ´s next big artbook "Current Masters, vol2" has been done. I´m sure that some people here in Denmark will be surpised, when I tell you which part of my artisticallt universe, the editors have  selected for the artbook. If you visit the item "Abstract" under main item "Art Gallery" you´ll in the bottom of the page find the selected artworks, some of my early abstract perceptionistic artworks from 2009, created at P. Nørkjærs Plads, Hjørring, DK, when I still lived in Northern Jutland, before I went back to live in my birth area, Copenhagen / Tisvildeleje and started working in Tisvildeleje.


Also my Woven heart Art, "Elvis Prestley Portrait" created in 6 pieces of paper has been chosen for this world wide artbook publication. It is 4rth time one of my woven heart artworks are included in an artbook publication, as I also have one in a Turkish artbook, which where publiched, when one of my early 6 stripped woven heart artworks "The Swan Grove" (Svanelunden, 2009) were included in a permanent exhibition at Izmir Book And Paper art Museum, when it opened in 2012. One of my royal woven heart art portraits were passively included in an artbook called "151 intrenational artist" from International Association of Paper makers and Paper artists, IAPMA  in 2011 from a German publishing house.  "The Sweinherd" (Svinedrengen) , one of my H. C. Andersen Passion artworks where used as an illustration for my lyrics to my song "Fletter dig et Julehjerte" published in a combined art - and poetry book "Ordbilleder om Kærlighed" in 2013 from a small publishing house in DK. (Forlaget GAL).

All the selected artworks are now reserved for further selection processes for upcoming juried exhibitions in relation to the artbook publication i USA in 2016.

I have a woven heart art exhibition in progress, " H. C. andersen passion1" at The Woven Heart Art Museum in Tisvildeleje: Until Dec. 13th 2015 my selected artwork  "Elvis Prestley Portrait" will be on a special show at the museum.

Open hours here: http://www.julehjertemuseet.dk/142349701


The item on this website about my abstract artworks from before 2012 is written i Danish language. On occasion of the book publication, my administrators will work on getting it translated into English language during this winter in order to meet the demands of our English speaking and reading users, customers and collectors.

Thank you very much for selecting me and my art for this world wide publication. 


As a person I´m not the type, who is addicted to or in a desperate need for getting public attention all the time. I´m born without that popular "reality-star-gene", which so many other people are in possession of or want these days. I ´m a very private person, just don´t get a personal "kick" out of being "on" all the time , so I NEVER contact the press myself for getting attention. Therefore, I´m always positive surprised when a journalist call me in order to arrange an interview either in Tisvildeleje, Copenhagen, or elsewhere, no matter if she / he  is from a big paper or if she / he writes about me or my art in an small local magazine.

Last week a small Danish paper , Gribskov Lokal Avis,  with a nice website wrote a beatiful article about me:



Thank you very much for that, too.

Best regards

Lisbet Lark, Tisvildeleje, Denmark.