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Since my last blog  this website ' s domain line by a mistake has been marked with an "Ikke sikker" = "Not safe" by 123hjemmeside.  Off course it is safe to visit this website! They are working on this tecnically problem, so please,  stay tuned!

Meanwhile, I spend some of my time on hospital controls.

Wery depressing turn off creativity environment : Grey. Another gray.  One more grey. Dirty white. Black. Routing colours at the floor means that you look down all the way through the loooooooooooooong hospital building.  They miss some colours on the walls of Hvidovre Hospital, I think. Smiler stort

Lisbet Lark.


Aug. 28th 2018:

Website security done. Trouble solved. More than you can say about my gullet. Still hospitalized. 


"You are only a victim, if you see yourself as a victim." 

Lisbet Lark, July 2018.


In the month of June, unfortunately, I experienced that one of my art collectors in public pratically gave away one of my few big early abstract artworks, "Det Store Maskefald2" through a Danish auction house, because he, who bought it from me in 2010, had no longer room for it dued to a private movement of his. As far as I know the auction house didn´t even set a minimum price and they didn´t announce the artwork for sale among their art collectors as they do with other artworks.


 When a thing like this happen you are standing back totally shocked, smashed, null and void, because this negligence from other people devalues you as a human being and as an artist.  I am now valued a big ZERO. Thanks for that! It will take me a long time to find my inner energy and new opportunites to come back, if I ever will succeed in that in this sick system.


Very demotivating. I feel that everything I have built up through my 9 years as a professional artist has been damaged in a few seconds.  At least, I don´t have to worry about how or where to celebrate my 10 years anniversary in 2019 as a professional artist, because I feel smashed... - and who cares about it??? .... Nobody!


But congratulations to you who have done a very good investment. I hope you love  and care for this painting as much as I did. It is a beautiful and happy painting. 


With my comprehensive international recognition it is quite out of place by a professional auction house to treat me like that in my native country! .... Why???? ...... Somebody once said to me that a good artist in Denmark is a dead  artist. If you have an opinion about anything as an artist, you have no value in Denmark and get no exhibitions here, too. You are being treated like you don´t exist. At least if you have the wrong opinions they won´t let you in, and for Gods sake: Don´t even think of starting a blog like this, if you are an artist in DK. You will be discriminated if you use your legal democratically rights to write it.


You have no value as an artist in Denmark. As an artist you are completely abandoned by this disrespect from both the seller and this amateur auction house. After this humiliating treatment and Jantelov- economically downrating, other potential customers act like gipsies and expect to get my artworks almost for free,  at the same time as they expect me to be able to do on my own without any kind of economically support in Denmark at all. Those 2 pieces of the puzzle simply don´t fit together.


Therefore, I have here in July on unlimited time as a protest action chosen one by one to move away my remaining abstract artworks which are still for sale, from this public web-site. Away from the investment speculators money art business mashine. Gradually, my abstract artworks will be moved away, and their pic´s will be changed to a pink plate under item "Abstract" in the gallery menu. In stead,  they are now showed in real life for a limited audience in a holiday apartment in Copenhagen with no public entrance or announcement.


....- and my own No1 best investment ever? 

Very simple:

It is to  drop investing my time, money and creativity in making art exhibitions in Denmark this year, and just enjoy the summer trying something new and take care of myself instead.



Lisbet Lærke/ Lisbet Lark.




This year I have forced myself to prioriate in order to get some more relax,- sparetime and days off, too. I have prioriated that this year my own personal needs come first. After spending 2 years with a surgery for a 10-20 years long slowly growing hormone illness, an accident and getting an eating disability / walking disability I need some more time for my self thinking over my life and what to do with it. 


This spring I felt drained for energy and inspiration and I wanted to try something new. I had no inspiration for new art, actually each time I created a big exhibition here in DK, I had a period after that, where I didn´t feel inspired for creating new art at all. So this year I wanted to try something new in order to try to live with my new life cionditions and to get inspirered for creating new art. 

I work on my own projects and settle more and more in Copenhagen. Among other things I have created this window in Copenhagen, as a new piece of permanent furniture craft in a private apartment, which I have been working on for 1/2 year now. I haven´t finished it yet, I am still renovating the last fluted copper plates for the radiator hider. I also have designed the new 4 cm thick oak window frame for including my metal radiator hider. It was very heavy and demanded a strong mand to place the new frame in the window hole, when we built it in 4 weeks ago.

...Because I deserve it...


But I think it is an acceptable alternative for the old one, which were damaged by the rain water coming from a forgotten open window. Someone I know recently said: "Wow! This apartment is developing from an old crock to a castle. Even the view is stunning!"


 "Its called position, " I answered, "Its called position. The rest is creativity, aesthetically sence, patience and hard work....... - and maybe a little bit of inborn multi-faceted atistically skills, too...... Maybe.... "


Also the walls and the ceilings in this room have been broken down and built up again.There is a beatiful view, and the till now 2 months long Summer heat in Copenhagen is healing for me. I love it!


I love making places more beautiful ,- and Copenhagen is full of apartments, which need an artistically lift like this!


Gardening and creating plants and flowers is another healing activity for me, so even the big orchid in this window is grown by me in the orange water pearls in an old tulip bowl from Holmegaard.


I have my hand and mind full elsewhere, therefore, I have right now no art entries in for national or international juries.


I am busy lingering at this view and I work and relax as much as possible outdoor in the shadows. Sometimes a little wind passes and maybe a small cloud on the blue, blue sky. With a temperature 25 - 30 degrees celcious, maybe one should consider starting growing some palms?


 Smiler stort Lisbet Lark Smiler stort




"In good times we live

In bad times we learn."



Lisbet Lark, this morning, April 13th 2018.




"Boy at The Balloons" ( 2016).


But .... what if your fate hits you over and over again without stopping for a long time? Like a Sisyfos, and the only difference between you and him is that your body which is expected to push up the stone and claimb the mountain again and again  is being more and more damaged by the fate stone that hits you over and over and over?

Is this sentence of mine waterproof?


 For me it is, but not without fights, sacrifices  and certain depriviations.


In the summer 2016 I was VERY ill from what showed up to be a hormone suffering which  was spoiling my body bit by bit. I was unable to work or take care of my own gallery, hour long kidney stone attacks tortured me several times each week and I had to go through lots of hospital examinations. During one of them I had an allergic reaction, too, giving me the experience of a burning body, unconsciousness, astma attacks and itching exzema for weeks. That summer an accident happened to me at home, too, caused by somebody  I love with all my heart.

 Worse than worst case scenaria came true...


That damned nightmare summer I learned how important it is to have  an illness break in an environment which I found inspirering, funny and with lots of happy people. To be able to move my thoughts away from anything that hurts. I spent all my "hospital off- time" at benches in TIVOLI in Copenhagen even wearing inside measuring instruments on. One of my favourite activities: Watching other people and their behaviour.


Among all the exited and screeming kids in all the amusements in the old beautiful garden, I spotted  little quiet wheelchaired boy at the balloons. All of his inner universe and adventure possibilities were in those balloons. No wonder it took him at least 20 minutes to make a choice among the helium wonders. Just enough time for me to find my sketch book and draw this situation in a few lines for the artwork I have later named "Boy at the Baloons" , which  were the start of creating my miniature art exhibition "Med lup og blyant." (With magnifying glass and pencil) which I had in TIVOLI, Copenhagen in autumn 2017.


That day this happy little hero missing one foot gave my own life a new perspective. You can always find somebody who are more disabled than yourself no matter if you have a "male flu" or if your body is being spoiled by a illness over 20 years without your knowing before it is almost too late.


No self-pity after watching him. In a split second I learned not to let my victim- and patient roles take over my life or be the meaning of my life. I learned NEWER to let my illnesses and handicaps be my identity, but "just" my new life conditions. "Just" because that is much easier said than done and I have been working on that ever since that day. Thank you my little hero and thanks for visiting me last autumn in my miniature gallery in TIVOLI, Copenhagen.


Miniature artwork "Boy at the Balloons" is my 3rd " left over " artwork from my exhibition in TIVOLI last autumn which has been selected for a juried exhibition in USA, this time completing my New Years resolution sounding: 


 " In 2018 I will learn how to use my disabilities to get ahead." 


For this juried exhibition, "Art of Possibilities" at  Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute in Minneapolis, Minnesota, taking place from April 27th to May 18th 2018 only artists with illnesses and disabilities at the time of artwork creation were eligible. Artwork will also be included in an online exhibition. It will be for sale overthere. A s I myself dued to my health trouble with my accident hit paralyzed gullet and stomach mouth cannot be present and sell this artwork, please, just ask for Laura overthere and she will take care  of everything if you want this artwork.

Thank you for selection. Thanks for the funds and all the huge work done by volunteers making this exhibition possible.


That is all life is about, isn´t it: 


Best wishes

 Lisbet Lark

 multi-faceted Danish artist.... - and spare time life philosopher.

 INSTAGRAM: @larklisbet




The other day somebody said to me: 

"Lisbet, I have become Box- blog addicted. "


My answer: 

" Ha, ha, ha, welcome in the club! Over 244.000 people can´t be wrong! 

Isn´t it better reading a blog than being medicine- addicted? "


Incredible,  that so many people finds my double life in this blog interesting: The life of a Mrs Nobody poorly anonumeously patient in Denmark combined with my successfull life as an international artist outside Denmark which I cannot take part in myself. My artworks are doing the job for me.

Thank you all for following me!



This time it took me 4 painful months to get going again. Theraphists had given up on my feet at New Year, but I have succeeded in developing and creating my own artificial heel limbs, which I am walking short distances on now. It takes me a lot of time creating them each time I need a new pair, and I also need to spend some time developing a summer version, but they are worth it, I think.

About 3 weeks ago I let my crutches go for this time. I am not the type who is waisting my time so 2 days after, Feb 27th I was picked up by a taxa and driven to the Library of Gentofte in Copenhagen where my artwork "Tit" was on a very short 1- evening show and used as an illustration for a talk in Øregaardssalen by the French- Danish art historian and cat behavior expert, Michelle Garnier. 

Thank you very much for a nice evening... - and sorry for coughing so much. 

 .... New chemically allergy developed = new astma attacks... 


Some answers have arrived, and it doesn´t look good for my expected art exhibition activity in Denmark. Despite the fact that I am born, raised and grounded in Copenhagen for health reasons the next 8 1/2 years, I don´t feel bound to deliver exhibitions in Denmark at all, as I am getting no financial support at all from founds or the art society here in DK.... and I am sorry: No money .. No cookies or free entertainment.



I live in a small narrow- minded Jantelovsbefængt nepotistic land (sorry this word doesn´t exist in English) with a potential art talent crowd of 6.000.000 people, where they can´t see mine, ......  and dued to my health I cannot go to a land with a potential talent crowd of 325.000.000 people and much more competition about the places on the international juried exhibitions, but where it is difficult for me to be ignored. 




Actually, I am trying to built up a new life on my new health conditions. Hopefully they are not permanent, but 8 years are a long time of a life of an active artist life like mine to be denied to exhibit in my own country with my artist CV, when my physically survival depends on living next to a certain Copenhagen hospital with expert help, and renting business rooms in Copenhagen for an exhibition is too expensive. I guess some of you thought, that I would not survive that. But just wait and see. What I don´t have in my legs and body, I have between my ears.


So this year I have for the first time during my 9 years long artistically career decided not to create art exhibitions in Denmark, as I the rest of this year have  2 private apartments in Copenhagen to decorate with art and design, wall - paintings, ceiling paintings, hand-crafted stucco and so on. Sorry, they won´t be public available when I am finished. But that is the consistency of my situation, and actually I love it! I love this anonymeous life of mine in DK.

I have no deadlines on these big ceiling- or wall artworks, so I have started to learn myself standing on my toes on a stair and paint.

 So now I stand on my deformed fore-feet on a stair and paint! Smiler stort


Thank God , one is not overweight!

Working like this gives me the needed flexibility to create my own liquid food for my paralized gullet and take care of my health during work.



It looks like my miniature artwork, "Boy at the Balloons," has arrived in USA, but today I still miss a receipt that he has been delivered to the Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute, Minnesota, USA, selected for a juried art exhibition, April 27th - May 18th 2018. Thanks a lot for selection, and for the founds and volunteer work that make this exhibition possible. Wellcome to a lot of new blog- readers from Minnesota! I hope my little boy will do my work for me overthere.

 More about this artwork in my next blog.

Best regards Lisbet Lark.