Box Blog 26.7. 2020 (386.240)

No one knows the day before the sun has set. 

This morning we read the news here in this house
and appreciated how good we are after all.
Enjoying that 11 months ago we made a choice to
give ourselves some good time together while we
are both still healthy enough to do it.

Dued to my husbands increasing stress symptomes then
we sold everything in Copenhagen and moved to a place
where it is possible, even though we have to
struggle with a bit of everything regarding our
104-years-old house worthy of preservation, which we
bought and took over in November 2019. We have lived
in it ever since while we are renovating it.

Not always
fun to live in the middle of one's own workshops, but
my husband has retired during the pandemic, we are OK
and thrive on the freedom to do it at our own pace. We
have renovation workshops in all our rooms. We are working
on nos. 11 and 12 out of a total of 36
windows in the building that either needed renovation or
replacement when we moved in.

As a head of renovations, you always have to be a little
ahead of schedule with the planning, because it takes time
to obtain the original old building materials and renovate
them before you can use them and at least as long when
you have to manufacture new building elements yourself
in patinated and authentic style.
So that's what I use my drawing time on right now. New
drawings for an old house worthy of preservation.

Not the worst way to be occupied when you"re in a
risk group and staying at home.
Creating something nice , encouraging and inspirering for
ourselves and our surroundings for the time after the pandemy.

You are welcome to follow my creation from furniture craft on
my instagram profile


Best regards
Lisbet Lark.


Honestly, I had planned to get my illustration "Thanks" removed from this frontpage but now that the second half has been blown up in Copenhagen by a demonstration with 15.000 participaters, it cannot pay to remove it. All others may only be gathered 10 persons, yesterday they raised it to 50. Ridiculous. 

With now 17 inpatients I assume that the hospital system can follow, or do you need more ressources?

No matter how many hospital staff rooms it hangs in, we are now in a situation again where it can go terrible wrong.

Being in one of the risk groups, I have now been insolated for 3 months in my new home following the Danish government´s restrictions, without seing my family or friends. 


I have been a voluteer local telephone friend aid worker during the close down and every day I have called 27 other people in risk groups and  in the same situation as I myself. All of us experience now that we are not invited for dinners, summer parties or any social activity.  The free people are tired of keeping  the safety distance or show regards. We are losing our close networks more and more. The normal and natural reaction on that is to go out and get some new network..... Just the challenge that we cannot go out when we are insulated.


Therefore, a social media as facebook has got a new role. It is where we can show each other some care and empathy and where you can get some understanding and support if you need that. An important part of your daily contact with other people who cares for you when you are insulated.  I am totally grateful to my over 3000 facebook friends for supporting me through this very difficult period of the world history. Nothing is like it was before. Nothing will ever be as it was before. After this, you know who your real friends are, and you also know who will never become a friend of yours. It costs nothing to be nice to other people and it means a lot. It is indispensable, when you have just moved to a new city.


The free people don´t care about the groups who are forced to stay home any more, but seriously , a lot of us would prefer to make our own decisions if we want to risk the COVID19 or not. It is a personal decision which other people make for us. 


The understanding and respect for those of us in the risk groups who are not in nursing homes or in other ways the societys safety responsibility is becoming less and less. Some people in our lives who are expected to listen and care for us or back one up are becoming more and more vicious, projecting their own unsympatic sides of their personality onto us. Even people who are known as "Always seing the good in all other human beings". The humanists seem to be the worst. The opening situation gets the worst up in some.


Mean comments like: " You have to die anyway," is everyday food.

If anybody have the rights to decide if my life is over, it is me myself.


Another common comment these day is "Sometime you have to take a chance " ...-  well what seems to be to taking a harmless chance for you, means that I have to put my life at risk.

You expect me to put my life on risk to hug you or be physically near you.

I  still die from this virus if I get it. So sorry, but I have not finished living my life.



I miss some information from the Danish authorities about how I and other people in the risk groups can get safe out among normal people again because we are being abandoned here. I miss Søren Brostrøm telling us how to get out in a safe way, without stigmatizing us among the rest of the population.


I have even got a social control order not to write about my feelings in public, ie I have to follow another person´s own rigid and superficial norms on the social medias, because I have no rights for my freedom of speech. This is what the pandemy has done to my life.


But you know what?


As long as no one calls me during a 3 uninsured confinement months to hear how I am feeling or help me with the practical, such as as obtaining protective equipment or alco for cleaning everything, which we did not get delivedered until 1 month ago, and then blames me for not being able to come up with anything, and as long as this blog can draw over 10.000 new readers in just over a month,..... it is OK for me to express my feelings in public which is similar to several hundred thousands of other people in the risk groups right now.


Then we get back to the "No lives matter"- 15.000 people demonstration the other day in Copenhagen..... Oh, it wasn´t the name of the demonstration? But thats the signal you are sending to the rest of the Danish society.


Sorry to say, but Your good intensions and messages have drowned in your ruthless lack of community mind towards the hundreds of thousands of us who has build this society up and who pay your cash social benefits every month.  The Government has asked you to take a Covid19-test. It is not enough. You have to pay for your irresponsibility yourself, otherwise, there will again not be enough tests for us in the risk groups when we need it. 


By the way:

What do you think will happen when an exposed group of 15.000 is trampling on a huge invisible group as the risk groups are, let say over 1.000.000 people? 

We are not dead yet, so my qualified guess is, that this demonstration will  hurt your cause more than it will benefit you. 


Best regards

 Lisbet Lark



June 22th 2020: 

37 inpatients with Covid19 at Danish hospitals. (Source: Statens Serum Institut)


June 25th 2020:

36 inpatients with Covid19 at Danish hospitals. (Statens Serum Institut)


June 30th 2020:

32 inpatients, 

1119 persons are ill with Covid. Number is definer as the difference between tested positive persons and recovered persons after illness . Source: Statens Serum Institut. 


















I have this 6th sence.

A strong intuition.

Opening Denmark now is too early.

We have not reached the top of the 

mountain of the covid19 in Denmark yet.


The terrible boom in intensive care patients

will come now, I think.

Because people met and ate dinner together

during Easter though the authorities

demanded us not to. They don' t care about the risk

groups or people who are still contributing

to the society but cannot survive the Covid19.



All that matters are their own needs. 

Spring. The sun is shining.

Get out with friends and family.


This situation gets the worst up in some people

and the best up in others.


It brings you out 

of your comfort zone and stimulates your creativity

in order to survive.


My husband and I are in isolation on 7th week.

We are doing great on our own.

Never boring.


We miss our family in Copenhagen and in

Northern Jutland.



I want my normal life back.

This life we have know is not the new " normal."

Therefore, we have to continue the fight against

Covid19 and hold on to the social distance and the

other covid rules.


Otherwise,  hell can still appear  here, too.

Stay safe.

Stay apart.




Lisbet Lark. 







Maybe I am not the biggest influencer of this world. 
But I have a blog with 359.869 unique readers all over the world.
A world being broken by the dangerous Coronavirus, which is
spread by human behaviour.
So I feel responsibility to help mitigate this infection.

Across the
 world, governments have passed regulations to curb 
this flu which for some people ends with a subsequent pneumonia.
There are right now also no antibiotics against the Corona, which 
started in China in December 2019, and spread to Europe, where
it has unfortunately created a new epicenter in northern Italy.

Borders have been closed.

People lie in a respirator.

There are not enough respirators.

There are not enough hands in the hospitals. 

The caretakers are sick.

There is not enough space and capacity in the crematorium ovens.

- And you? 
You´re still partying?
It doesn't hit you, you think?

It hits you 14 days before you can see it.
If it doesn't hit you, it hits the ones you love.

The introverted ones becomes the strong ones
who survive because we do not get in touch
with many people and love being in our own compagny.

The extroverts become the weak ones who are 
afflicted simply because the disease infects at
the least close social contact, if you do not follow
the new protective rules of human contact.

Thus, the normal perceptions of attractive personalities 
that one can survive by having are changed.
You are currently surviving by NOT being social.

Therefore, comply with the restrictions of the 
authorities in your country.
They are there to protect you and those you love.

Support all the health educated as best you can, because 
it will be those who will save the world community.
They are the true heroes of this century. They have to
work right in the middle of the hurricane's eye.
In hospitals where people are most sick with this horrible virus,
they cannot protect themselves by following the precautions
and stay at home unless they are sick themselves.

Think about them. 
Be grateful to them.

Thanks to all of you hospital heroes!

- and remember, there will be a good life after this living hell.
We´ll meet there afterwards.

Best regards
Lisbet Lark.
Happy New Year!

...... - Also to those of you who celebrated it at the end of january, especially to those of you who
celebrated it in January, and to those of you whose country is burning.

Really, you need some good and positive vibrations and thoughts sent in your direction.
It is a terrible world we live in.
A terrible situation you are in.

But a small spot on the map cannot keep on trying to save the whole world, being blamed for 
what individuals have done and take responsibility for the suffering of the rest of the world.
We can only support you where you are, hope you get back on track quickly.
I hope you all get well soon, have the opportunity to resume your life and go after your
dreams again.

My husband and I have been dreaming and working the last few years to create an
 opportunity to have more space, where we could both live and work on reduced time, 
because we are getting older and I do not have the health to the daily travel 150 - 200km
back and forth by bus and train to get me a proper place with the space needed to do my art. Like other visual artists I need to be able to work when the ideas
and inspiration come. There was no room for it in Copenhagen. So we have completely
renovated our small study apartments we lived in in Copenhagen, sold them and in the fall of 2019 we bought and took over a mini-palace in a kingsvillage in Denmark.

After 1 ½ week we got a big sewer break, had to move our belongings out again until it was repaired, but now we have moved
in again and have started renovating the partly listed building from 1916. Besides the sewer
break, quickly, we realized that the atmospheric house in all its authentic charm offered several unforeseen
renovation, maintenance and renovation tasks, including the replacement of doors, windows and floors, etc.,
before coming up with just a fairly normal standard of living and a presentable interior and exterior.

So we have prioritized that one of us, me, is the co-ordinator of the renovation projects, and therefore my outgoing artistic activities further
diminish for a period, while the other one, my husband, has accepted the 1/3 time driver job he was offered by his employer in this beautiful


We had a horrible start in the house, but the locals and our new neighbors have been exceptionally nice to us, welcomed 
us and kept us up when it was worst.

Now we have started with the
 hall and the entrance in this wonderful time pocket of a villa. My husband wants one of my many sky paintings 
6 meters up there under the roof. On the photo shown in this blog, the ceiling painting is not finished yet.
Have to go and finish it!
Lisbet Lark



... Still writing on this  blog, please, visit when I am finished... have some tecnically troubles..