Box Blog 23/2 2022 ( 551350 )

... 9 months and 3 needles later....
A lot of water has flowed through the creek since my last blog.
No. 2 Christmas and New Year in a row were ruined by restrictions
and pandemic lock down everywhere, and as usual we spent all the
holidays alone as we were still in the fragile groups, had not been
offered a 3rd vaccine before Christmas and 2 variants of the
pandemic were in circulation in Denmark.

We were gifted with the little plug at Dec 24th 2021at 6pm.
Fine, right?
Then we knew from earlier that it would take 14 days before the
effect appeared so it did not matter.

As an extra experience this dark winter due to the rising infection
rates, restrictions and the pandemic, we also got our silver wedding
smashed between Christmas and New Year, which we have gathered
together and planned for 5 years.

It became a day we spent alone at home because we still can not
stand to get the virus. A milestone we never got set, we feel.

We can have our silver wedding party this summer, you say?
No, we can not.

We can not postpone the party indefinitely and thus put our
continued renovation of our house on "hold" indefinitely until
we have had our big party.

For when can we have it, then?

It is impossible to plan anything.

The infection rates are still huge, 35.000- 50.000 new cases a
day right now, and the latest variant has only hit our generation
by now.

A silver wedding is a day that can only be marked the day it is,
and we do not think it is fair that we should postpone the 2nd
half of our home renovation for 1/2 -1 year when we are already
late with all our artistic projects for 2 years due to the pandemic.

We have to move everything into one half of the house in order to
renovate the other, which has always been the plan, that we are going
to do now after our 25 hears anniversary. So we have moved on in
our lives and are right now selling out everything we had acquired
for our silver wedding and those of our furniture that we do not have
room for during the next many months of home renovation and
building mess.

We hope this plan succeeds so we can catch up on some of the lost
time and get back to our normal social lives soon after the pandemic.
Because with all the deprivation we've suffered in the last 2 years,
we just do not want to have this virus now.

It would be pointless to go out and get it now.

Lisbet Lark.


" Patience is when you are supposed to be mad and you chose to understand,"


somebody wrote to me.


Ok, then my situation lately has forced me to practize this sentense the other way around in real life: 


"Patience is when you are mad because of physically pains but are supposed to be understanding and forgiving and you at the same time have to excuse for your anger . "


People who want to visit me and see my art after several years of  illness break, will have to mobilise patience for a long time, because it will take years for me to get over my traumas from this pandemic  period of history, and the authorities do not offer me any help for it. 


Some day I might find my own way of turning our loss and traumas into something positive, but I cannot do it now .


You cannot meet me or see my art anywhere this summer, because I still have not finished my vaccinations and I have not created any new works during the pandemy. I do not feel inspired by this locked- up situation and I do not have time right now in my life for creating art.

I work on that thing  called " afterwards." 


I wish you all a happy summer with lots of parties,  exhibitions, concerts and happy experiences with other people.


Enjoy your freedom while you have it, and please, don't distribute this damn  virus during your vacation just because you can do it without risk for your own life.


Dued to missing vaccinations my husband  and I had to cancel our summer vacation 2021 and still stay away from other people.


In stead, we are creating our own little safe paradise at home, just for him and me.


Lisbet Lark




It has been a terrible terrible winter.

Christmas was cancelled.

New Year was cancelled.

A vaccine was invented. 


Then in January I was put in vaccine priority group 5 for people in ridk of having a fatal life with covid19, meaning that I should have had my 2 vaccines in March. 


Now, in the last week of March, my invitation was cancelled because my vaccine has been taken by people in other regions.


Such as the authorities has done to all middle-aged  in the group5 , people in risk of a severe ilness , hospital stay or dead caused by covid19.

2 out of 5 delivered vaccines in my region have taken by citizens from other regions in DK.


So now, the authorities have kicked me and thousands of other cronics out of group 5 and  the queue so that they can say that they keep their time schedules and plans for vaccinations.


Fresh elderly people without cronical ilnesses at all and almost skin dead people over 90 yo, who are not able to have a life any more must be vaccinated before us younger mobile but fragile people, who are forced to stay isolated from other people, because those upprioriated other groups are a huge powerfull election group for the next government election.

So I feel abandoned and very very sad. 


Do not believe in the future any more. Do not believe in politicians any more. Do not believe there will be a vaccine for me with a chance to create myself a new social art life after 13 months in insulation. I do not believe in other people any more.


But I am still safe.

As long as I get up every morning and am able to smell the difference between my husbands coffee cup and my tea cup, I should be happy , everything is OK, we are safe.


I wanted my artistically life back after 5 years of illness, and this pandemic came and spoiled my social life.


In order to get a little bit more life and spring around us all winter through my husband and I have created ourselves a safe indoor plant rescue paradise  and an outdoor safe pandemic garden paradise where we can get out and get some fresh air and have flowering bushes and tress all year around.... Surviving plans suceeded. We have had that energy giving experience through all this winter. 

Without all our 93 indoor plants and 456 outdoor plants in our small courtyard I think I would have gone crazy.


Plant caretaking is giving us some important daily duties and a meningsfull life to get up to each morning during a meaningless time of history. 


Lisbet Lark.



The Woven Heart Art Museum has changed its Danish name and brand

"Julehjertemuseet" to " Woven Heart Art Museum" .

Also the webside has changed name to



Since 2011 my own personal paper art medium has been more and more recognized outside Denmark as "Woven Heart Art."

Therefore, it is on time that this unique art media of mine gets its own exhibition place in its home country, some people think, so we are still working on it.

Not ready to show yet, but the private collection from my advanced woven paper artworks will be located in the beautiful city of Nykøbing Falster once, when the world wide pandemy is over and we have finished restoring the building which will be housing it.


Best regards 


Woven Heart Artist  ( among other things) 

Lisbet Lark






11 months ago my husband and I bought an
old house worthy of preservation in the
lovely Guldborgsund area on the island of Falster.

Now, we are again locked up here because
of the situation where Covid19 is spread
in 2nd round.

We therefore have to get everything delivered from materials
to daily needs which means a stream of shippers coming and going. Which means that one of us has to wait for those
deliveries for several hours a week as we don't have a frontyard or
a garage for deliveries.

The first times I sat staring out the window watching
the street going on "off" and feeling that I was waisting
my time when the shippers said that they would deliver
between 7 AM and 5 PM.

10 hours several times a week doing nothing!
I didn' t have time for that so my eyes cought some
details in the destroyed ceiling.
I could spend my waiting time for shippers restoring
the dammaged ceiling in our reception!

First, I renovated the entire perforated ceiling and
rosette to the level "smooth" and painted it white. Here
most modern people would have stopped, but sometimes
my creativity and crafts only starts where others give up or do not bother or cannot finish the artistic work
That's why it's me who owns this "mini-castle."

The 104-year-old ceiling rose is moulded and visible from
outside from the kingsvillage environment and there were from
start some hot wishes from the authorities:
" Please, make it shine again!
Pleeeeaase, restore it and give it a new live with new hand
sculptured stucco angels!"

The rosette could not be taken down without being destroyed.
There were remnants of 8 small oval stucco where small
pieces of arms, legs and heads protruded. At one point
someone has gone crazy with a crowbar on the original
angel stucco in the rosette and destroyed them!

I am glad I am a miniaturist, After a couple of months I have finished creating the 8
very small stucco angel sceneries in this rosette (photo)
but I will NEVER do it again no matter how much other
people ask me, not even if I got payed for it.

For a long time now I have had pains in my right underarm,
shoulder and neck from working with my arm over my head.
These pains have to go away before I continue with the rest
of the wanted and planned plafond painting.

Meanwhile, I have given myself another "waiting-for-a-shipper"-

Polishing and restoring a 110 years old matching chandellier
for this room.

Dark times are over all of us.
We need to give ourselves some more light!

Lisbet Lark.