Oriental illustration Line

OBS: miniature ARTWORKS: The size you´re watching them in the slide show is BIGGER than they are in real life. 

In 2015 a need of being able to illustrate sceneries outside the Nordic countries and culture appeared. Therefore, Lisbet Lark invented / developed an oriental illustration line.

Her 1st 2 species of this illustration line appeared at a juried exhibition in Paris, France from Dec 19th - Jan 9th. 2016, at Gallerie Métanoia. Both artworks have place of origin "Olbia" as she started creating them when she was at Sardinia, Italy in June 2015 and had her exhibition as an old ancient history illustrator at Museo Archeologico di Olbia.

Prices of these time demanding artworks, which are created by use of magnifying glass are given at the right side of your screen , when you hit picture of artwork.


Please, hit pictures below to watch full pictures and informations about the artworks.

Last rise in  prises: Nov. 30th 2015 and April 6th 2016, May 5th 2016, Aug 31th 2017