Close- up colored illustration Line and Miniatures.

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Scale 1:12 artworks by Lisbet Lark here:


Lisbet Lark is a "detail person" as she describes herself. She sees details.


Therefore, she has in 2015 developed a detail illustration line called: "Close-up colored illustration line."

Her 2 very first small species of art within this kind of illustration line, "Self-confidence1" and "Trust1" are on an exhibition at Tampa Museum of art, Florida, USA in Oct 2015, where they appeared for the very first time, - and they were sold.


Miniature artworks.

Inspired by her debut as a miniature decoration designer, Lisbet Lark in winter 2015- 2016 has developed her Close-up coloured illustration line no 6 into real miniature artworks, miniatures created by use of strong, strong magnifying glasses.

Media: Pencil or crayons and ink on waterclour carboard.

Sizes: 12,3 cm x 12, 3 cm (5x5 inches). French standard size F1, 10cm x 15 cm, 10cm x 10 cm, 12,3 cm x 8,5 cm, or smaller!

Media Crayons and ink on cardboard is a special media, where you cannot paint over a failure like you can if you paint with watercolour, oil or acryllic. So she has to draw right the first time with her gossamer drawing line, or she has to start all over and already spent working time / work will be lost. Therefore, she has to be very concentrated when creating miniatures.


Latest rises in price: April 6th 2016 and Aug 31st 2017

Miniature artworks are valued from the level of details / working time she has spent on creating them. Prices are in Danish kroner (DKK), glass frames and mini easels are not included, as we can´t ship glass frames. The shown frames are for exhibition for protecting the artworks.