"Abandoned" Illustration Line

It´s a further development of drawing techniques presented first time at a sketch "Abandoned" for Lisbet Larks painting "Ensomhedens gade nr 9. (Loneliness Street No 9)

Sketch "Abandoned" has been travelling since 2012 and is still travelling on  3rd year in Germany on a travelling exhibition. Please, read the amazing story about The very first naturalistic sketch at all after being abstract painter for many years, and about the things, which seperates this illustration line from her others under menu item: "Art Gallery."

Please, hit the pics in still album underneath the slideshow to find all practically informations about them.

From spring to Sept 2016 Lisbet Lark had 3 new miniature artworks at a museum exhibtion  at a Castle in Slovenia, all shown here, too, which is in the art collection of The Goriska Museum, at The Castle of Kromberk, where she was awarded for these artworks,

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