Flora and Fauna illstration Line

In 2015 Lisbet Lark invented 7 new naturalistic illustration lines. One of them was this Flora and Fauna illustration Line, which she has not yet been able to find suitable travelling exhibitions, juried exhibitions or museum exhibitions for.  Therefore, it has not been launched yet. But it will be, when the right time and possibility comes. Her artworks within this illustration line are not included in the 2016-Galleri Octopus Art exhibition in May. This site is reserved for this new Illustration line 5.

2019: Since then, Lisbet Lark has in 2017 used her flora- fauna illustration line for a bathroom decorating project in 2017, ceiling - and wall paintingprject, one of her biggest paintings ever including 4 walls and a ceiling, golden pipes, aso for a private project. 


14/4 2019: Next artwork in progress: "Ringmærkning ved Bøtø Nor" Size: A5.

14/4 2019: Next artwok in progress: " Fugleflokke ved Gedser Fuglestation."