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Since 2011 Lisbet Lærke has been an active member of International Association of Paper Makers and Paper Artist, IAPMA , the World´s leading paper artist organisation, under her international artist name "Lisbet Lark". "Lark" is the English translation of "Lærke", and she uses it outside the Nordic countries in order to make things easier, because nobody outside the Nordic countries are able to write, pronounce or spell the letter "æ" in her Danish name.

From April 1st 2016 and for an undefined period of time she has decided to be a more passive member of the international organistion in order to get more time in Denmark for her activities in her native country, The Woven Heart Art Museum, for her author- and writer activities and for the rest of her growing artistically career.

Her paper artworks have already been selected for several juried exhibitions:

In 2009 -2010 Lisbet Lark invented her own art media "Woven Heart Art",  advanced  woven paper hearts created in 4- 6 pieces of papers with diffeneret front and reverse, and in 2014 she finished her very first species of a woven heart art created by 9 pieces of woven paper with different front and reverse in front of a rolling TV-camera from Danish TV2 / LORRY for The Woven Heart Art Museum, which opened in Oct 2014.


As she is the one, who gets the idea for each of these hearts, she has no prepared patterns for this kind of very advanced paper art, when she starts. Creating a piece of woven heart art can take up till 150 trials and several months. There are more than 70.000.000 way to fail, and each time it goes wrong,she has to start all over again.

This kind of art media takes a bright combination of a good handcutting line, construction line though 12- 18 layers of papers, half of them laterally reversed on reverse, then it also takes a very good naturalitic drawing line, witch is actually the one, she now has developed into several recognized illustrations lines after being an abstract painter anf drawer for many years.

Woven Heart Art is an international recognized art media. It has been on travelling exhibitions, a biennale, and it is on a permanent museum exhibition in Izmir.

The built up of The Woven Heart Art Museum took 3 years from 2011- 2014, and volunteers are still building on it , as Lisbet Lark each year creates 2- 5 new beautiful pieces of Woven Heart Art for the museum, which is open each year from Oct- Dec.


But inventing a new kind of art media and building up a museum for it, doesn´t automatically makes it possible to exhibit without having special designed showcases for it. Therefore, Lisbet Lark also has designed showcases for it from funny things  old furniture, which she restores in a very funny, entertaining, creative, stylish and beautiful way.

Actually, she´s recognized for her design / redesign of old furniture, too, as she had a showcase created from an self-restored old English Chelsea gun showcase with her at the London Art Biennale 2015, when one of her first 6 pieced Woven Heart Arts (Sherlock Holmes Portrait)  were selected for that juried exhibition.

It is expensive to built and run a museum, therefore, she had the idea of designing and selling specially designed hanging decoration for small Christmas Trees, and she now have a growing design prdouction, too:


She also creates artworks in other kind of paper media, the few we have left on stock is showed below. Some has been used as book illustrations.


From  2017 she has been a recognized mini- and miniature artist, too, also within  paper arts and crafts:



13a: "Omfavnelse" (Embrace), 2013. Used as an illustration for Lisbet Lark´s Danish poem "Voksning" (Growing) in poetry pulication "Ordbilleder om Kærlighed" , 2013. Price: 1542 DKK

13b: "Flott´Fie" by Lisbet Lark

"Beaufull Fie" (Flott´ Fie). Her "sisters" were selected for a juried exhibition in Hungary in 2012. Paper art. Holes cut out manuel with a pair of scissors in a white piece of paper by hand without pattern. A4 size: 21cm x 29 cm. Motif: self-created.