Besides being able to capture and illustrate the deep feelings and serious sides of life, Lisbet Lark also masters the ability to make funny drawings: Cartoons, today´s dawing, for your paper or magazine. Lots of possibilities, please, contact us for an offer, if you are interested. About once a day 1 funny drawing comes out of her ink pen either in Danish language or in English language. In her satire drawings, she´s never made fun of religion or culturel values, only every day things, relations between people, a.s.o.

As one of the few, she´s also had a juried exhibition with her non-religious satire drawing on a museum in Denmark, Storm P. Museet in May 2014 with the drawing "Holdningkoriirgering."


Last rises in prises: Nov 30th 2015, April 6th 2016 and may 5th 2016.