1) Izmir Book- and Paper Art Museum, Turkey

Since Dec 2012: One of my very 1st advanced 6-scredded pcs of Woven Heart Art is permanently exhibited at the new

Izmir Book and Paper Art Museum,

The Balian House in Izmir, Turkey.
Adress: Genclik Cadessi No4, 35100 Bornova, Izmir.
E-mail: kksm@mail.ege.edu.tr
web-site: www.kksm.ege.edu.tr
Telefon: (0232) 374 59 31 / (0232) 311 2501.


Link to photo series from the opening of the permanent exhibition in Izmir Dec. 12th 2012 12.12.12. o´clock:



2) The Woven Heart Art Museum, (Julehjertemuseet) Tisvildeleje, Denmark

Since Oct 2014:

Permanent and still developing solo exhibition, open each year fom Oct.- Dec at the Woven Heart Art museum.


build up and driven by volunteers.