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"Can' t you paint my Sofa animal?"

My earlier neighbour asked me in 2008 when I still was an abstract painter.

 Her relationship had been cracking for a while, so I asked her:

"Your teddy bear, your husband or your cat? "

In my opinion there were a bit crowded on her 2 pers sofa and it could be any of them.

" My sweet cat " she said..

"OK, then I first have to teach myself how to paint something that looks like something" I said. "Then I will do it some day."

That day has come now, 10 years after, I have decided.

I have started up painting the artwork in my flora- fauna illustration line. I have always been experimenting, creating new art medias. 


Always,  and I always will, no matter how ill I am. 


This illustration line of mine "Flora Fauna" which is the only one of my 7 illustration early lines developed in 2015 which till now I haven´t sent in for any art juries, is caracterized by containing no ink. Instead I use watercolor and colour pencils. On attached picture I put on a layer of watercolor with a brush.


My life´s first cat painting might take a lot of time to create as I am still interrupted every 5 minutes by health caring activities, liquid food, servings in teaspoon size dued to an accident in 2016. I hate it! It spoils my social life, and grounds me to my private residence in Copenhagen. It drains me. It occupies all my time. 


As you saw on pic in my last Box- blog I am also using crutches dued to a real heelspurr, a bone hook deformity under my heel, a newly arrived suffering which is very painful and cannot be surgeried without damaging my foot completely. It came while I had my exhibition at TIVOLI Copenhagen autumn 2017 maybe from standing up 12- 14 hours a day, which was why I had to stay at home at let another take care of the gallery during the last half of my  exhibtions in TIVOLI, my miniature art exhibiton: " Med Blyant og Lup" and my paper art exhibition "Blood Moon."


From the beginning of the new year my long draining kidney stone attacks returned, 8 1/2 years more to go according to my doctors before the storage in my kidney should be empty, as they are related to an hormone illness I had a surgery for in Oct 2016. For me it is an irreplacable loss of fredom and time going through this after 10-20 years of Primary Hyperparthyreodism. I exspected to be free of symptoms after the surgery by now.  But no. Attacks have reduced in duration and  number since my surgery and there are up to 1/2 year between the astroid swarms from my kidney passes by like bolts from the blue and make my life into a living hell on Earth.


Damn! I really got a blank in the health lottery. 


But I NEED to deepen myself as much as possible moving away my focus from my health.


This art break and creativity of mine means  EVERYTHING to me now. Not only using my creativity to solve health trouble but also spending it on funny activities like creating new things, it not only works like a theraphy it is also creating hope in all it´s life-affirming infinity.

It gets me out of my bed in the morning.

It makes me raise and walk an a painful foot.

It motivates me to create boring looking diet liquid food and eat it.

It forces me out of my embroy position during and after a kidneystone attack.

It makes me came back and climb this mountain again and again.

It gives me back the reason to stay alive again and again.

It makes my life.

 It gives me a reason to live.




It is difficult almost impossible for me to travel with all these health trouble and limitting handicaps. But my art can. My art do it for me! My art is out in the endless world! I am flying!


I am happy to get informed each time my museum artworks have been exhibited. Just before this new year I got an E- mail all the way from Argentina. I am not good at the Spanish language, but as far as I could understand, my 2 miniature artworks " No1" and "No2" had been exhibited from Nov 27th to Dec 15th 2017 in the courthouse of Buenos Aires and I got a greeting from the city council. Thank you for that and for the certificate documenting my participation!  You don´t know how much it means to me that you give me a voice through my art though I have almost lost my own.That you still count me out there. My art keeps me alive and very present.


Dued to my health I am right now climbing the mountain being knocked down again and again each time I paint. Like another Sisyphus.


But everything I can has grown out of my life crisis. So why not belive in it this time, too? 

Right now I don´t know the destination of my first cat artwork, but maybe this blog will show or give some opportunities as so many times before.

Some filming is taking place during my work, proces will be published on my INSTAGRAM profile @larklisbet.


Happy New Year

Lisbet Lark.


Since June I have been working on a big decoration project, creating an artificial tree with traditional Nordic handmade hanging decoration which I have created through December. Trying to make it look natural. If I succeeded? Result at picture. Close ups and small films from my creation process are visible on my INSTAGRAM profile larklisbet. Best regards Lisbet Lark.


In May 2016 right after I was in Milano receiving The Art and Science Award I dued ilness proclaimed a 1 1/2 year break in my international artistically career.

"Time Out" is over! ...

2 months ago I started submitting new artworks for art juries. 


Therfore, I now have 4 artworks out on exhibitions. 


2 of my other artworks, "Taste of Sunset" and "Weekend with Dad"  (Se picture) are on a juried exhibition at Limner Gallery at Manhattan, New York, USA....... Inspiration? ... Experiences from a boat trip last year. I don' t drink alcohol, so while everybody else on board drank wine I was watching the sunset through a glas of  blackcurrant syrup.


Until Dec 10th. 2017 2 Artworks, of mine, "No!1" and "No!2" are  exhibited at The Museum Of New Networked Art, in Buenos Aires in Argentina. Artworks are in my "Abandoned" illustration line and they are on a show focusing on the world wide problem: Violence towards young girls and women. Inpiration? Well, I am an visual artist, so I express my self and my own experiences from earlier in life in my art.. - and I don' t have to hashtag it "meetoo" to explain anything and I don' t have a personal revenge need to hang out the persons who did it to me. 


So I exhibit both my suffering and  my hedonism right now.


What I didn´t expect 1 1/2 year ago was that I during the unravelling of my disease and my surgery for Primary Hyperparathyreoidims would be hit by fate again.


In August 2016, I was subjected to an accident which now almost 16 months after still prevent me from being able to eat and swallow normal food in a normal way. The muscles in my gullet and the top of my stomach are paralyzed. I can only swallow liquid food and each time I have eaten I fell like I have ran a full Marathon. My muscles in my gullet need reconvalenscence between each swallow of small servings of liquid food in order to get better,  which means 1 teaspoon full food every 5 minutes through the day have to be swallowed.


I am SO tired at a time in my life where I after 20 years of illness finally expected that I could go out and enjoy being social and free of pains. Instead I now have a life where it hurt almost every time I eat, I have to spend a lot of my time finding the right healthy  ingredients for my food in order not to lose weight.


I don´t know anywhere in the world, where gallerists, curators or other exhibiton planners or any artist residences or hotels serve specially created liquid food, and I also don´t expect them to. The restaurant don´t have the rigth food. The liqiuid food ingredienst are difficult to find on most exhibiition areas, and there are no real kitchens at the hotel rooms where I can create my own food. I also need at least 4-7 days travel  if I should participate in my own vernisages and exhibition openings, which then for me would mean 7 days without food.


Nobody can do that, so I am deeply sorry if also very shy I disappoint somebody staying away.


August 29th 2016 I wrote a Box-Blog named: "Accident, illnes and art." The essense of that one was that I promised you to come back "stronger than ever." I am sorry, I have to disappoint you there. I am making a come back, but what I couldn´t possibly know then was that I wouldn´t even get my normally strengh and energy back as a human being. Maybe never.



Somebody kicked me started again saying:

"Your art, Lisbet,  is stronger and more touching than ever, your art hit over and over again the nail in themes, and you still have your amazing inborn artistically skills. You still become better and better, you have not topped yet. You have never been the  social type of person. Participating in vernissages walking around in highheeled shoes with a little glass in your hands, smalltalking and looking fabulous have never suited you. That´s not why you are creating art."


Then this greatlooking, know-all attitude, lucky,  destiny spoiled person with all the right network and meanings waltzed out of the room as another diva and went out to lend lustre to her 5th vernissage/ reception that week and left me back with my frustrations and my worries about if I be nailed to a stomack tube or not in the future.



She is right, except for one thing: I would spend my last dime for being at Manhattan in New York right now if I didn´t have to take care of myself, wait for more acute exminations and physician controls and if this paralyze of my gullet didn´t control my life 100%.


She is right in one thing: I don´t create art for the receptions and travels or in order to be "on" or to be famous "be a star". I create art because I cannot help doing it, I have the abilities to create it, an right now it is protecting me from going crazy, though it is almost impossible for me to concentrate creating art when I get interrupted every 5 minutes all day long for eating small servings, and I need a high level of concentration when I create my miniature artworks using my magnifying glasses. So all of you who look down on me and critisize me for having a small art production and creating small artworks: You don´t know what it taken me to get this far.


So thank you very much to all you understanding international juries, curators and gallerists who make this artistically come back of mine possible, and thereby are supporting me in TAKING BACK MY LIFE by selecting my artworks for your shows


If you don´t participate in life, you don´t have any.


Lisbet Lark,






More than 500 visitors have now got the short but nice version of my artist CV in Miniatureværkstedet in Tivoli. Thank you for visiting me, my 2 art  exhibitions and my miniature gallery and my atelier at Tivoli, Copenhagen!

Actually, it now also has ended up in a movie created by a dedicated Danish photo journalist Klaus Moe on INSTAGRAM, together with some of my 400 hand crafted different unique witch tealight candle light bags:

Thank you very much, Klaus Moe.


It inspired my to create an INSTAGRAM profile myself, called: @larklisbet


where you from now can follow me create art almost anywhere from sitting freezing on a bale of straw in Copenhagen to .....yes, where to next? ........ - If you sit with my artist CV from Tivoli in your hands, first of all : Thank you for visiting me!


I am honored that some of you have travelled all the way from Lillehammer in Norway, Sydney in Australia, USA, Schwitzerland, South Africa an China, just in order to meet me and my art in original surroundings, my humble atelier where almost everything on this web-site created the last few years has been created. Also, I feel priviledged having visits from all kinds of people from very famous singers and actors to grandma´s with their grandchildren, parents,  and miniaturists. Customers at age 6 years old to 90. Well Done in such a small cottage!


Weather or not I will come back to Tivoli next year, I don´t know for sure. Depends on you. If you sit with my artist CV in your hands and you would like me to create a miniature art exhibition in your city next summer or autumn, please, contact me know through the contact page of this wensite.


It takes me 1/2- 1 year to create an exhibition in the same professional artistically quality as in Tivoli and to fit it perfectly into YOUR surroundings. There are some limits: I don´t sit creating art outside in all kinds of weather and I don´t have energy to be present at the exhibition 14 hours a day, but otherwise I am ready for negotiations with other exiting places for next autumn. 


Meanwhile, I do as earlier announced: Begin sending out my miniatures for art juries. I have a limited art production as I am a multi-faceted artist, and there are not much places or juried exhibitions in Denmark for miniature art, so I only make entries for special miniature exhibitions where the juries wants to see art from an artist who has developed 11 naturalistic illistration lines from being an abstract painter. There are some out there. A few. More than I can reach to mobilize or make art for, actually, but at least I try.


While I have been at Tivoli, 2 of my newest miniature artworks, which I created and sent out of Denmark in early October, has reached their destination on the other side of the Earth. A museum exhibition in Argentina, where they as far as I know now are ready for a serious theme exhibition from the end of November.  Impacting artworks, you know, some illustrating hard hurting feelings and actions, which are difficult to express on art...  I havde done it again..... Done something, you just don´t do or show as a woman.... So when my solo exhibitions in funny Tivoli,  "Blood Moon" and "Med Lup og Blyant," with the satire posterwork of mine, ends on Sunday Nov 5th. 2017, and have to leave the front page of heading for the meny item "Other Exhibitions," the  administrators of this web-site become busy re-designing our front page.

We simply switch over to Argentina and a very serious world-wide problem.... Quickly...

Best wishes

Lisbet Lark.


Next to the merry-go-round for small kids in front of the Pantomime Theatre you will find me working in my little atelier where my miniature art exhibition "Med lup og Blyant" is on the surfaces, which are not visible form the outside of the cottage and my paper art exhibition, "Blood Moon" takes place until Nov 5th 2017. It is 6 squaremetres, actually, I wanted a bigger cottage, because I don´t have room for all my arts and crafts media, but it is big enough for a quiet talk to me about my art, if you like. I am following the opening hours of Tivoli. I have all ready had visits from some of you who are staying at the Nimb Hotel and Hotel Mercur. Thank you very much, I hope you have a nice stay in Copenhagen and a great day in Tivoli. I myself at New year 2017 made myself the resolution that in 2017 I would only do things that make me happy, and believe me: This is place is a FUNNY place to work. Only glad people are coming here, people who are out to have a great day. Also, I find Tivoli very inspiring for my art. Every now and then I go for a walk in the old garden with my sketchpad or for inspiraton for my unique handcrafted witch tealight candle bags. If I am out, when you are visiting my little place, my husband, Bent, is helping me taking care of my very little gallery while I am away for a few minutes.
See you!
Lisbet Lark.